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The abuse of drugs is nothing to joke about. Many who use and abuse drugs end up addicted to their chosen substance(s) and put everything at risk to continue their habit pattern. An addiction to drugs can take a toll on a person’s work and/or school life, their interpersonal relationships and their physical and mental health. Still others end up losing their lives to their addiction. Thankfully there is hope for those addicted to drugs.

By taking the time to find an effective treatment program one is taking the first steps towards recovery. A treatment program can provide the correct medication and therapy combination to help an individual get through detox and pursue a drug-free life. Make the phone call and get back to you by talking to the Colorado Drug Addiction Helpline today.

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Recognize the symptoms

The symptoms that indicate a person is abusing drugs will vary based on which drugs they are using. Things to watch for can include major mood and personality changes, social isolation, major changes in appetite and weight etc. Learn more about the symptoms of drug abuse to know if you or a loved one needs help.

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Find the right treatment program

No two people are alike thus each individual should be matched with their own specialized treatment program. By getting connected with a good treatment provider you can find the best treatment program for your situation and start on the path to recovery today.

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Pursue a better life

Recovery is more than just detoxing from drugs. Recovery from drug addiction is a lifelong commitment to a person’s physical and mental well-being. After going through a good treatment program, get connected to a good alumni program and find a support program to reduce the risk of relapse and ensure a life of sobriety.

Our testimonials

  • Russell R

    Heroin cost me my marriage, my job and my house. Only once I found help did I realize that there was still hope for me

  • Steve G

    I woke up in the hospital more than once when I was doing drugs. Now I know I will be waking up in my bed, healthy and happy and drug free every day

What you want to know

When in the throes of a drug addiction, recovery can seem impossible to some. This is not the care thankfully. By taking things one step at a time anyone can get clean and sober again. Some of the needed steps include:

  • Talking with a doctor
  • Going through detox
  • Committing to a treatment program
  • Learning to cope with triggers and cravings
  • Adapting to a better, drug-free life
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