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Risk factors for drug addiction

Risk factors for drug addiction

11-11 | CDAH Team

Although drug addiction can happen to anyone, irrespective of sex, age or location, there are  factors that increase the chances of becoming addicted.

Following are the risk factors for drug addiction:

Family history: If there is a blood relative who is addicted to drugs, the chance of becoming addicted increases due to genetic predisposition. It may have to do with genetic predisposition.

Using highly addictive drugs: Those who use highly addictive drugs, such as stimulants, cocaine or opioids have a higher likelihood of becoming addicted. However, using drugs that are considered to be less addicting can also lead to dependence and addiction.

Using alcohol: Alcoholics are at a higher risk of developing a drug addiction. It is believed that the sooner one starts using alcohol, the higher the chances of becoming addicted to drugs later on. A person with alcoholism has a heightened risk of becoming addicted to at least one other substance, such as marijuana or cocaine.

Gender: Males have a higher ratio of addiction. According to the Mayo Clinic, males are twice as likely to become addicted to drugs as  females. Although the reason for the gender difference is not fully known, scientists believe that societal and genetic factors may be behind this.

Having another mental illness: Having a mental health disorder like depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), increases the likelihood of addiction.

Anxiety, depression and loneliness: These conditions  increase the chances of becoming addicted to drugs. Using drugs can become a coping strategy for these painful psychological feelings which makes these problems even more difficult to manage.

Peer pressure: The use of potentially addictive substances can be a norm in some peer groups. This may influence teens or youth to try drugs for the first time and eventually become addicted to them. It is believed that peer pressure is the top reason for starting an addiction among teens and youth.

The nature of the substance: Substances such as crack, heroin or cocaine can lead to addiction faster than others. For example, if  people were allowed to use crack cocaine every day for six months, and another group has to drink alcohol every day for the same period, the population of crack addicts would be a lot higher than the number of alcoholics at the end of the period.

For some individuals, trying a drug even once can be enough to start an addiction. While others become addicted later or not at all .

Relationships and bonding: People with fewer family attachments have a higher risk of becoming addicted to drugs. Young people who have a deep attachment to their parents and siblings have a lesser chance of becoming addicted to drugs in comparison with those who do not have strong attachments.

Age when substance was first consumed: Numerous studies of alcoholism have proved that people who start using a drug earlier in life will become addicted earlier than those who started later. Experts believe that this also applies to nicotine and drugs.

Stress: Stress can lead to drug addiction in order to get relief from worrisome thoughts and situations. Some stress hormones are also linked with alcoholism.

Metabolizing processes of the substance: How the body processes a drug is also relevant. In the case of alcohol, people who need ever increasing amounts to achieve the same effect over time have a higher risk of becoming addicted.

Stay away from drugs

While it is relatively easy to become addicted, stopping the use of drugs can be very difficult indeed. If you or a loved one need treatment for drug addiction, you will need the help of one of the drug addiction treatment centers in Colorado. These facilities are professional and provide state-of-the-art care and treatment.

If you would like to know more about addiction treatment in Colorado, have an online chat with the Colorado Drug Addiction Help representatives. They can inform you about the best drug rehabs in Colorado. Alternately, you can call our 24/7 drug addiction helpline (866)-218-7546 to learn about the best possible treatments for drug addiction.

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