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Five ways to lead an addiction-free life

Five ways to lead an addiction-free life

03-18 | CDAH Team

Many people are addicted to drugs but one can refrain oneself from being in their league. Certain strategies can help avoid drug addiction and take on life in a positive way.

Certain people are more prone to addiction due to the influence of the environment they are in contact with, or factors such as genetics that makes drug abuse more likely. There are however, several ways to prevent addiction and dependence on drugs. Here are top five ways to help prevent drug addiction.

  1. Effectively deal with peer pressure: One of the major reasons that force teens to indulge in drugs or alcohol is peer pressure. It can be a negative influence which makes one find ways just to fit in the crowd. In such cases, one needs to find a polite way of saying no, excuse himself from the situation, or find a group of friends which is not into drug and alcohol abuse. Teens should be vigilant enough not to give into tempting situations, and make a good plan to stay away.
  2. Manage stress: Stress is one of the primary causes for people to start doing drugs. However, drugs are never a permanent solution; it is a temporary fix that can eventually turn into addiction. So it is important to find healthy ways to deal with stress and tension, rather than indulging in alcohol and other drugs. Exercise is a great way to manage stress and reduce anxiety. Meditation and yoga are also important alternatives which can bring tranquility to the mind. Such strategies can help in coping with stressful situations and maintaining a healthy life.
  3. Indulge in things that you love to do: Whether it is writing, painting, gardening or even reading a book or two, just do it. Indulging in anything that one loves to do will make him feel happy and motivate  to stay mentally, physically and emotionally in shape. One can join a running club, library, or a dancing class to divert energies towards passion. In this endeavor, one will also meet a lot of people with similar interests who can join in to do things akin to one’s interests. Such activities will help one stay away from drugs and alcohol.
  4. Examine risks factors: Awareness to environment setting, family history to substance abuse, and other physical risk factors can help overcome the temptation of doing drugs in an effective manner. For example, if you are familiar of a family history of drug abuse, you need to be extra careful and take precautions to avoid drugs and alcohol.
  5. Seek counseling: When one is suffering from any mental illness like depression, anxiety, phobia, or post-traumatic stress disorder, consult a psychotherapist. Mental illness and substance abuse are likely to go hand-in-hand. Many people start consuming alcohol or doing drugs just to ease the pain. However, the after-effects of such an action may lead to potentially fatal incidents. Working through problems with a mental health specialists can be an effective way to treat psychological problems.
  6. Live a healthy lifestyle: A healthy diet, a regular exercise routine can actually help lead a healthy life, both mentally and physically. In fact, putting the priorities in order can also help one streamline goals and aspirations of life . Moreover, maintaining strong relationships with friends, family, and acquaintances will also help in being drug free.

With a little effort from your side, slipping into the dangers of addiction can be curtailed. The key to a good life depends on your choice to live a healthy and sober life, free from drugs and alcohol.

If you or your loved one is already abusing drug or alcohol, then help is just a call away. The Colorado Drug Addiction Helpline can connect you to the best possible deaddiction treatments that can help you achieve sobriety. Call us anytime at 866-218-7546 or speak to our representative through our online live chat option for more information and assistance.

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