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Tips for parents to help their children struggling with drugs

Tips for parents to help their children struggling with drugs

01-17 | CDAH Team

Addiction does not know discrimination. Many a times parents find themselves between the devil and the deep blue sea when they identify that their children have developed a proclivity to use drugs. There are adolescents who receive everything they would ever want, but they still find themselves escalating down the path of drug addiction.

Studies show that parents have an influence over their children. When children or adolescents struggle with substances, parents can portray their support and love by telling their children that they are there for them always. Such words of encouragement can provide the much needed inner strength to children that can help them start life afresh sans the drugs. Here are some tips parents can use to instill self-esteem in their children’s life and help them get away from drugs:

  • Telling them that they are loved: “I love you”, these three simple words strung together may seem overrated or clichéd, but coming from a parent to his child means a lot. Regardless of a person’s age, especially in times of confusion and peril, a simple “I love you” can transcend stubbornness, space and time.
  • Understanding their plight: Parents should try to understand the reasons why their children have taken the path of drug addiction, with the help of study materials and psychologists. Moreover, parents should also try to understand a child’s need to relieve his pain. The child will eventually realize that his parents are there for him.
  • Offering help: Offering to help a child gives them a shoulder to lean on. Providing them with money is not a solution as it could result in funding their drug seeking habits. What is important is to determine ways to help the child turn over a new leaf. A parent could offer to help their child through counseling, pay for in-house treatment, or provide living arrangements for the first couple of sober months.
  • Respecting them: Children require their parents’ love and respect. It is not easy living with bad choices, but far easier to forget about them with the abuse of drugs. Parents can acknowledge the fact that their children put in hard work and made the choice to change their lives. Overcoming drug abuse deserves anybody’s respect and the show of respect can help children fight addiction.
  • Supporting their positive changes: Acknowledging a child’s positive changes will support in their long-term recovery. This support is essential to guide and help the child return safely to sobriety. Conveying a direct message of what is acceptable will make a major difference in how the child’s future plays out.
  • Telling them that they will get through this phase together: A child will find solace in knowing that they are not alone in their uphill struggle. Cooperating with the child and those who are immediately affected as a family unit and putting aside differences can help the child get rid of addiction.

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