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Addiction is a disease, not a crime

Addiction is a disease, not a crime

08-26 | CDAH Team

Addiction is considered a result of a set of bad choices, weak moral and negative influences. An addict is invariably subjected to social embarrassment, public scrutiny and is disrespected, even by family members and friends.

Despite numerous celebrities coming out in open and confessing their addiction, the disorder has failed to gain social understanding and cooperation, primarily because of some misconceptions and wrong perception about addiction and its causes. Therefore, to make people understand the causes and effects of addiction, it is important to impart proper education and to disseminate extensive knowledge about the subject to the masses.

Moral strength does not predict addiction risk

It is important to understand that addiction is not a lifestyle choice but a disease. Like any other disease, an addiction has its own set of causes and factors that contribute to its development. As opposed to the common belief that addiction is the outcome of weak moral or shortcomings, there are several factors that can make an individual an addict.

While influences such as alcohol or drugs are believed to be common triggers of addiction, not much is known about the genetic influence that also pushes a person towards addiction. As per researches, a person has a higher chance of developing addiction if it runs in his/her family.

Addiction is beyond just bad choices

It is often believed that excessive alcohol consumption, and lifestyle choices, such as use of illicit drugs, are the prime causes of addiction. However, the reasons behind an addiction go beyond the set of bad choices.

Besides genes, factors such as family structure, personality, occurrence of any psychiatric disease, upbringing, environment also play an important role in making the person vulnerable to addiction. For instance, children brought up in an environment of harassment and trauma, such as sexual abuse, are susceptible to addiction at any point of time. Stress also plays an important role in turning a casual substance user into a compulsive user of chemicals.

Addicts should not be blamed

Many a times, an addict tries his best but fails to return to his casual condition because addiction tends to alter the complex chemistry of brain, making it impossible to get back to the initial state. Hence, it is important to understand that addiction is a disease that makes an addict chemically dependent on substances of abuse.

As per experts, an addiction is a condition wherein the alteration in brain chemistry disrupts the relationship between the brain and the addictive substance or behavior. A host of studies have discovered many cases where the individual suffers from more than one kind of addiction. Any abusive drug, when consumed, tend to release a large amount of dopamine into the body that alters the brain’s chemistry, breaking the pleasure system and making the drug the only source of calm.

Accepting and treating addicts

With addiction being a disease, the addicts become the patients. Therefore, it is important for the society to not only understand the rise and cause of an addiction, but also accept the sufferer. Thus, friends and family members tend to play an important role. Non-acceptance from near and dear ones pushes the addicts more towards addiction, up to the stage where it becomes impossible to reconcile.

It is important to note that addiction to any substance deteriorates a person, both physically and mentally. Hence, it is imperative for an addict to seek treatment. With advancement in science and technology, treating any type of addiction has become possible today.

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