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6 prominent signs to identify drug addiction in your loved one

6 prominent signs to identify drug addiction in your loved one

09-29 | CDAH Team

Drug overdose deaths have become fairly common nowadays. Many celebrities have succumbed to drugs and lost their lives to overdose. But drug addiction is not just confined to celebrities. Anyone can become an addict and the fact that people often hide such things from their loved ones makes it only worse.

After the death of Prince, apparently due to a drug overdose, his best friend mentioned that she had absolutely no idea that the singer was struggling with addiction. She is not the only one. Often people come to know about the addictive habits of their loved ones when it is too late.

Recently, there have been reports of a surge in the number of registrations for drug addiction treatments in Colorado. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) 2014 National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), in Colorado about 117,000 individuals aged 12 or older per year in 2009 to 2013 were dependent on or abused drugs in the previous year.

One of the important ways to prevent drug addiction is to recognize its onset early and give the person immediate medical assistance. To help identify if a loved one is abusing drugs, one can watch out for the following signs:

Change in appearance: If someone who is otherwise good-looking suddenly starts looking pale or there are changes in his appearance, the way he dresses or how he interacts with others, it could indicate a problem with drugs.

Being overtly defensive: If your loved one has started becoming defensive wherein earlier they were open and would respond normally to regular queries it may be due to addiction. Under normal circumstances, people usually won’t turn defensive when there is no reason to do so.

Sudden and abrupt change in sleep patterns: A prolonged and abrupt change in sleeping patterns may be a sign of addiction. While change in sleep habits due to stress or other issues is common, drug addicts exhibit unusual behavior such as sleeping late or falling asleep suddenly during the day.

Changes in spending habit: Significant changes in spending habits could point to drug addiction. If someone who used to splurge becomes too cautious about spending (remember, drugs are costly), there are reasons to look beyond the obvious.

Disorganized behavior: Irrational thinking and behavior is a major symptom of addiction. If someone who is smart and rational suddenly turns chaotic, there may be an underlying drug problem.

Too many changes of doctors: Well, changing a doctor for better treatment is one thing. But changing doctors every now and then for long is another. Since prescription drug abusers usually cross the limit of drugs their former doctors have prescribed, they keep changing doctors to get the required dose. If doctors are changed too frequently within a stipulated time, there are reasons to doubt the intention of the person doing so.

Protect and keep track of your loved ones

Drugs have killed millions and it continues to do so. It is not a matter of chance that so many drug deaths are coming to light through media reports these days. It is happening because drugs are wreaking havoc on our lives. No one is immune to this menace. Therefore, ignoring loved ones whom you trust blindly could turn out to be a fatal mistake.

In case you have any doubts, check with medical practitioners and trained professionals. The Colorado Drug Addiction Helpline can help you find more about drug addiction treatment centers in Colorado. Chat online with our representative, or call at our 24/7 drug addiction treatment helpline number (866) 218-7546.

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